Ant contacts with each other by their Sell Last Chaos Gold smell
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Ant contacts with each other by their Sell Last Chaos Gold smell


When one of ant dies, the other ants will move his body to the Sell Last Chaos Gold cemetery. So a little boy tests: at first, he finds the ant cemetery and collects the death of ants that dry by the sunshine, and then rub it into powder, and put the powder into a jet spray, and finally spray it to the alive soldiers which are pacing up and down in front of their house. After a few minutes, the ants in the cave all go out in force and toward to the soldiers, want to move the soldiers to the cemetery. Of course, the soldiers do not agree, so they revolt, and finally they fight against, unrest is occurred. Why the unrest will occur? As a matter of fact, when we spray the dead ants’ powder into the soldiers’ body, the soldiers are infected the odor of the dead ants. What is more, according to the ants’ kingdom law, as long as the ants have the odor, it shows the ants are dead, so the other ants must move their bodies to the cemetery. Although they find the dead ants are active, as long as they have the odor of the dead ants, the alive ants will think they are dead and try their best to move their body to the cemetery. Indeed, a philosopher points out: even if the though t is false, it also can affect us as long as we believe it is true.

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