An Overview of Final Fantasy XI
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An Overview of Final Fantasy XI

As with other MMOG game, the first thing you will do in Final Fantasy XI is create your character. There are five races for you to choose from, all of which possess their own skills. There are the Hume who are human and are useful in most areas of the game; the Elvaan who are Elves and are strong in combat; the Galka who are huge beast creatures; the Mithra who looks like cats; and the Taru Taru, who are small individuals and are talented at magic.
  Final Fantasy XI allows you great range in customizing your character. You are able to choose your character's body size, face and appearance, sell FFXI Giland select a particular look and style that will suit them. You will also choose a career for your character, and this will affect your progress in the game. The various careers include positions like mages, monks, thieves and warriors. The characters suit certain careers better than others and you must choose one that will fit your character perfectly.

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