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I walked into this armed with a few questions of my own as my in-game tour guide, Matt Hilton, proudly showcased SEs second mini-expansion, A Moogle Kupo dEtat - Evil in Small Doses. Matt let me check out the new Ninja abilities, the newest monsters, the latest Moblin Maze Mongers addition, the neat player created events about FFXI GIL, the new quests and upgradable weapons from the Pixies, the union treasure system in Campaign and SEs cool new imbuing system that uses tabs earned from Fields of Valour about sell Final Fantasy XI Gil. I also realize that most of you have checked this stuff out already, but perhaps there are things that you missed, or forgot to check out.

First of all, when it comes to the latest of SEs mini-expansions, I must say that I really like the quality of the cut scenes that I was shown. There are many things that Square Enix is, but unprofessional is definitely not one of them; I am always so surprised at the quality of the cut scenes they can create with the in-game engine about FFXI GIL. Of course, I was not able to walk through the entirety of the Moogle Kupo dEtat missions, so it could be that it just turns into another get me this, this and this type of quest, but I found myself chuckling at my poor Moogles plight.

For the new Ninja abilities, I was very happy with the direction in which SE seems to be taking the game. A friend of mine once mentioned that, as a game gets older, it needs to evolve its fundamental game play in order to remain fresh and new in the market. The new Ninja stance changes, Yonin, and Innin, give Ninjas a solid choice when approaching their battles, and this obviously goes along in theme with the RDM and WHM stances, as well as the SAM and SCH ones. You can probably guess that SE will be giving everyone a stance system at some point down the line, and I really like the concept of it about FFXI GIL.

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