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3.1 Weapons Information in WoW


An additional minor consideration is that slower bows use less ammo in WoW, and suffers less repair cost since there is a chance of the weapon to sell World Of Warcraft Gold? Suffering damage each time it is used, meaning that every time you shoot the weapon that means there is a chance of damage. If you're using something the Hurricane with Improved Aspect of the Hawk and Rapid Fire on frequently, your repair costs are going to be fairly high, not to mention the cost of ammo. There are at least mods out and there will automatically use junk ammo for those shots, and stings that don't rely on weapon damage, while it's a pain to have to manage this.

One advantage must be mentioned about faster bows, which is that they are much better for caster interrupts. A fast bow with Improved Aspect of the Hawk and Rapid Fire can lock casters down along with a pet. Also, dmg scopes on bows could affect each shot, they do not add DPS, and thus a faster weapon will benefit more from scopes.

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