2008 Arena Tournament: The Very Best Of
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2008 Arena Tournament: The Very Best Of


The first competitors have signed up and are now fighting their way to the qualifiers, which is the second phase of the 2009 Arena Tournament. If you take a look at the current standings, you'll see that some of the best players from the 2008 Arena Tournament are fighting against a range of new teams. It's not too late to sign up and join them in the fight for the 2009 Arena Tournament!

To help you get in the mood for this competition, don't miss the opportunity to watch some of the best matches from the Arena Tournament 2008:

Regional finals: x6tence vs. Nihilum Plasma

Blizzcon 2008, Round 2: x6tence vs Nihilum Plasma

Global finals at Blizzcon 2008: Nihilum Plasma vs selective queuers

If you have only just joined the fray, make sure you read the information below and watch the matches from 2008. Only then can you be sure you know the strategies and tactics of the best teams from 2008 that may prove to be your next opponents!

aAa nawak finished third at the Intel Extreme Master Season 3 global finals. This team is well known for playing a huge amount of matches and their typical setup is Rogue, Mage and Priest.

Carekoala used to play with Nihilum Plasma (the winners of the 2008 Arena Tournament,) but he is now playing as a mage with "we r randoms".

Improved clicks is better known as the Spanish team x6tence.

x6tence were 4th at the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge in Montreal, Canada.

x6tence won the European Regionals for the 2008 Arena Tournament.

Nihilum Plasma captured 2nd place at the European Regionals and won the 2008 Arena.

2009 Tournament: Tera gaming played the first offline tournament at the Intel Extreme Masters Season 3 European Finals at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

2009 Tournament: eStars is playing on the German battlegroup Blutdurst and are currently placed 2nd in this Battlegroup!

The ranked matches are already being fought, but you can still register until March, 25th 2009. Here is your chance to shine! Show others your fighting skills while using epic geared level 80 characters. Moreover, you could bring back an armored murloc pet and the Vanquisher title to Azeroth!

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